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A free holiday?

The Great Escape is Nottingham's answer to a Jailbreak.

Teams of 2-4 compete to get as far away from Nottingham as they can in 36 hours, only spending the money they have raised in those same 36 hours.

Nottingham's current record is Dubai, an astounding 4590 miles away!

The national record set by the University of Cambridge is Sydney, Australia. 

All the money raised by sponsorships goes to the amazing social enterprises of Enactus Nottingham, which use the power of business to transform lives both locally and internationally. 

You can find out more about these social enterprises at: https://www.enactusnottingham.org


Info Talks - 

Jubilee Campus - 25th Feb BSS A24. 

                                - 3rd March BSS A25. 

University Park - 27th Feb Pope Building A1



14th -15th March 2020

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

1. Furthest Travelled

2. Team who Raised the Most

3. Best Photo

4. Best Video

5. Travel to a TGE Unvisited Country

6. Weirdest food tried!


Furthest travelled wins a Mystery Holiday!



How much will it cost me?

There is a £15 registration fee that covers admin, tracking, your T-shirt and goody bag given to you on the day. We also require you to raise a sponsorship of £100, which is really easy to raise from your friends and family who will love sponsoring you for this one in a life time challange! This sponsorship money goes to the amazing social enterprises of Enactus that helps people around the world. Details of all of the social enterprises can be found here: https://www.enactusnottingham.org/our-enterprises

How do we get back?

Quite simply, you get back the same way you got there. We recommend that whenever you get onto a train or plane that you get return tickets as they are often not much more expensive. Alternatively, you are allowed to pay for your own way back

Can we buy anything before the event?

You can buy fancy dress, signs, buckets and anything you feel will help you during, but you cannot buy anything that will get you further such as tickets

How many people can be in a team?

2-4 people.

How safe is the event?

There has never been any issue ever with people taking part in this event. We track everyone taking part receiving your location every 4 hours. It is an adventure, but if people use their everyday logic, there is no reason why this event should be unsafe.

What is the record for the furthest travelled group?

The record in Nottingham is Dubai. A lot of teams make it to the Canary Islands but teams have also travelled to Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland. In jailbreaks across the country though teams have made it to Singapore, Australia, U.S.A, so there is no limit to where you can go!

In a travelling sense, what would you say are the main benefits of taking part?

Its unique, its different and it’s an incredible chance for adventure on a student budget. No two stories are ever the same, and with all teams but one last year making it outside the UK, people really do have an incredible time. It’s something to make you stand out, and makes people interested in your story of how far you got and how you managed to have an amazing time without spending any of your own money

Can you take money with you?

You can take moeny with you for food, accomodation and for emergencies but you are not allowed to use your own money to progress further in the challange.

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An experience you will never forget

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